Assembly / Disassembly

Another powerful aspect of Pramo is to disassemble the prefabricated, container or heavy steel structures that have been established before and to re-assemble with engineering approach and rational solutions in other cities or regions.

The domestic and abroad camps are disassembled by our assembly teams which are familiar with the materials of all the manufacturers, and are packaged properly and they are transferred in a healthy way to the area where they are planned to be rebuilt.

In case of need, the reconstructed building or buildings are rebuilt different projects with engineering solutions.

Building sizes can be changed or single-storey buildings can be converted into multi-storey buildings. The material requirements that will arise after the disassembly process are predicted by our work experience and are provided to the customers as maximum income with the maximum loss.

All logistics operations related to the mentioned organizations are undertaken in case of demand and we complete the entire organization from A to Z.

Whether it is mantling or dismantling or assembly or disassembly, Pramo offers an unlimited range of services in these operations. It becomes popular with the professional understanding and added value on this sector

Sample Projects