Container Renting and 2. Hand Building Sales

You can rent your unused and second hand containers parallel to your needs, or you can take advantage of our economic second hand building opportunities.

Pramo projects the single or group container buildings according to customer demands and provides renting services at desired times. Advantages of container renting:

  • It provides the mobilization costs of the renting company to be more predictable.

  • Firms may reflect the container rental costs to their subcontractors so that the rent fee will not be a burden to the employer.

  • Due to the transportation, installation and disassembly service after the rental, the related operations are not reflected to the user as an additional loss of labor.

Through our recognition in the sector, we gather our customers who no longer need containers and prefabricated buildings and who want to convert these buildings into cash, with second hand building buyers. We undertake the assembly and disassembly of the said buildings in the most smooth manner and we ensure customer satisfaction from sales to delivery.

Sample Projects